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Second Naturopathic Summer Giveaway!




Before school comes around the corner, I am having our last naturopathic  summer giveaway. I am an herbal junkie so I wanted to have something fun, unique, and totally naturopathic as a prize.  I am giving away (2) small bags of soap nuts (5 seedless nuts in each bag, each bag is good for 10 loads if you are doing laundry) and digital recipes to one (1) lucky winner. I am in love with botanicals that consist of saponins. Saponins, are super cool and I have used these soap nuts in the past. They have made my clothes super clean and are gentle on my skin!  Here are the benefits of using natural soap nuts as compared to chemically-made

  1. 100% Natural, Safe & Hypoallergenic
  2. Protects your family from being exposed to toxins, carcinogens, skin irritants and    endocrine disruptors.
  3. Chemical free and 100% certified
  4. Leaves no chemical residue on clothing
  5. Replace laundry soap & fabric softener
  6. Lower the cost per load of laundry
  7. Environmentally friendly- water from your washing machine can be used.
  8. Harvested and processed by hand
  9. 100% Fragrance Free
  10. Safe for Delicate Fibers
  11. Safe for Septic Systems
  12. Multi-purpose can be used to make liquid household cleaners, hair shampoo, and body wash! 🙂
  13. Compostable

What are soap nuts?  These nuts, contain a natural compound called “Saponins”. The saponins found in a soap nut shell,  is a natural surfactant which allows the soap nuts to work like a detergent. The saponins from the soap nuts, are released when the shells become wet. Surfactants, work by breaking the surface water tension so it can penetrate into the fabrics, easily allowing the water to break up the dirt, grease, and grime from fabrics. During the wash cycle, the agitation shakes the dirt loose from the clothing. The saponin holds the dirt in suspension in water which prevents the dirt from being re-deposited onto the clothing.

How to Enter:

  1. Enter Here: Soap Nuts: Natural Soap Giveaway
  2. Answer the (1) question below.
  3. Go back to the rafflecopter to collect your entries.

*******Make sure to collect entries for your post to count!*********

  • Question #1: What is your favorite herb and what use does it have to you?

Good luck! ❤




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Welcome to Fourth Year: Last Year and Plans Ahead

Hello Everyone!

The year, has finally came. It is my last year in naturopathic medical school! Whoo! No More school after this (unless you are completing the acupuncture program or going back for another degree).This is the year to make sure all my requirements to graduate are all set. I will complete my nutrition masters courses this summer, so I am happy about that.  So far, I have finished:

Community Service Hours
Secondary Competencies
Dispensary,Practice Management, and Hydrotherapy Shifts

What I have left are:

Primary Competencies
Finish remaining courses
Think about Business Name
Make a decision where I want to practice
Set-up Business
I’ve attended the required summer clinic shifts last year, so I don’t need to do it again. I didn’t want to take summer clinic this year because I had a lot that needed to be done at home. I am glad, because I was able to unwind, get so many things done, and renew my health. My recommendations are, if you have summer clinic or not, to take some time to plan your life.
Plan what you need to do and accomplish if you are going to run a practice, work with someone, practice overseas (chances are I am), or apply for a residency. If you are going to work with someone, practice overseas, or apply for residency, get your papers in order now, so you won’t have to worry about them during your fourth year. Your last year, is going to still be busy (especially with clinic, thesis, boards, preceptorship, etc). Update your resume, contact your supervisors to write you a letter of recommendation, write your personal statements, save up some money, etc. Do what you have to do the summer before in order to make things easy for you. I’ve seen my upperclassmen worry and scramble to get things done at the very last minute. Don’t be like that please, it will cause a lot of anxiety.