Book Review: “Herbal Medicine the Heart of the Earth~By Dr. Sharol Tilgner, ND

Featured imageAs a naturopathic medical student, I try to support our medicine and our doctors. Who have dedicated their time, money, and efforts into publishing these books. Wait until you see the other books I have brought and supported. They maybe costly (which I can understand because these authors are putting a lot of time and their lives into these books), but are worth buying.

Anyways, my review. I must say, that This is a must have for naturopathic physicians! I will share with you, the jammed-packed up to date herbal goodies in this book. This information would make you not want to put it down!

~Properties and actions of herbs

~Herbal Preparations

~Materia Medica of herbs (parts used, taste/smell, constituents, dosage, indications/contraindications, uses, and tendencies such as whether it is considered cooling or warming)

~Tons of formulas, for health conditions and organ systems (GI for example. Gives you an antifungal/candida formula. List the herbs, scientific name, and percentages and dosage in the formula. It gives you methods on how to support a healthy digestive tract, actions and indications for the formula, adjunct therapies, contraindications, profiles of herbs used, and treating the acute stage with liquid extract, tea, topical, and vaginal douche. It tells you when and how much you should take for such and such days)

~Intense herbal preparation guide for dosages (this gives you dosages for different ages, which is helpful!)

~Herbal preparations for elixirs

~How to collect, dry, store herbs, and make capsules

~How to make herbal compresses, poultices, slaves, teas, suppositories, and fomentations

~Glycerite, hydrotherapy and herbal bath preparations

~Herbal oils, liquid extracts, and tincture formulas

~Formula for herbal slippery elm gruel

~An appendix with tons of charts, references, and calculations on preparations

This book is awesome! I really wish I would have brought it during my first year in medical school. It is a gem for your future practice! I highly recommend this book.



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