Summer Clinic and NPLEX I Update!

Summer is here (or almost done!) and we had some fabulous weather here in Connecticut. Why am I in Connecticut this summer? How come I am not home in Rochester, enjoying the sun there? Well, it is required for the student clinicians to complete one summer session in the clinic for six weeks. The shifts are broken up into two sessions, I and II. You can do as many as you’d like, the requirement is to attend only one summer session. I decided to attend only one, because I had to finish shadowing a naturopathic doctor in my area. I’ve started summer II, taking three shifts three weeks ago. I have two more weeks lefts and then I start fall semester.

As for boards, I have decided to take them next February. I had a lot going on this summer and I want to fully prepare myself before taking them. No rush anyways. You can take boards in February you say? You sure can! If you don’t feel ready or confident to take boards, you can opt out for the summer and take them during the winter. I have just found out that the boards are NOT computerized but on paper and you can go back and check your answers ( I would do this if you are UNSURE about a few. Sometimes, going back and changing can be a bad idea. Usually, your first answer is right). In the meantime, I am still studying for the boards. I am taking something called “NPLEX Crunch” and using the powerpoint slides the last resident has sent us. Very helpful! I will study and the month before the exam,  will take practice exams and questions. I will keep you posted!

Cheers! ❤



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