Clinic Shifts and Deciding on Modalities You Want To Focus On For Your Future Practice!

Depending upon the naturopathic medical school you attend, the shifts will vary. At our clinic, we have the following shifts:

1.  Model shifts (A shift that gives you more practice with charting, taking vitals, watching the doctor perform the procedures and intake, etc).

2. Homeopathy (Sometimes primaries only)

3. Mind-Body Medicine

4. Community Shifts (These are off campus)

5. Integrative Oncology

6. General Medicine

7. COE (Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet and SWAMI Genotype)

8. First Line Therapy and Women’s Health (These are Saturday Shifts. FLT, you have to commit to the WHOLE shift. Women’s Health, you can do as much as you want but you won’t get credit for it, only hours. So, choose wisely.)

9. Pediatrics

10. Physical Medicine (Primaries only)

11. Integrative Shift (Primaries only)

Those are our shifts. You can pick whatever you want to do or you could try out all of them just to see what you would like to focus on when practicing. My shifts were general medicine, COE (I personally will only use this modality if necessary), homeopathy, mind-body medicine, and FLT. Those are the shifts I see myself practicing in the future, so I have signed up for those. However, things have changed for our class. If more than three people signed up for a shift, we have to do something called “Lottery”. We pull names out of a hat. I was chosen for all of my shifts, ha ;)! I was going to go into the integrative oncology shift, but gave that shift up because I have already preceptored an integrative oncologist in my hometown. Plus, I have attended the CTCA conference in Pennsylvania last summer and I have tons of books and powerpoint slides from the conference so I am good :)! I’ve also preceptored under a naturopathic doctor who’s modalities consisted of mind-body medicine, applied kinesiology, sound therapy, homeopathy, nutrition, and botanicals. I’ve chosen homeopathy and mind-body medicine shift to test my knowledge and to put it into practice what I’ve learned from her.

So, as a third year, this is the year to decide what modalities you want and what you want to do after graduation so you can prepare. Preceptor and shadow different doctors all over, so you are not limited to the modalities in your school (applied kinesiology and sound therapy, were modalities I had to preceptor a naturopthic doctor outside of clinic for). Also, get certified and attend conferences. I am certified to practice up to Reiki Level II. Next year, I want to be certified in other modalities. Do you want to attend a residency? Get the grades, pass your boards, write essays, resume, get your references together, etc now, so you can edit everything and just apply next year. Do you want to open up your own practice? Work in a research lab? Work at a nutriceutical company? Be an acupuncturist or a nutritionist under your acupuncture or nutrition license? Do you want to work in another naturopathic clinic or in a hospital? Do you want to practice in your hometown or another state? Do your research now. The years are going by quick!

Cheers ❤



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