Healing With Chocolate and Herbs

Amazing! Must try.
I have cacao and some herbs to make the perfect geisha energy cacao balls! ❤

crafted wellness

You can call them whatever you wish…  The amazing herbalist Emily Ruff refers to them as Ninja Balls; Mama herbalist Rosemary Gladstar named them Zoom Balls; you can call them medicine balls, energy balls, dreamy treats, etc…  No matter what their name, these delicious little snacks are the perfect way to treat your mind and body with medicinal herbs and superfoods on a daily basis.

A fresh batch of Ninja Balls

Here’s the thing about ninja balls… there is no standard recipe.  The herbs that you use will dependend on what you are looking for…  Want more energy?  Use powdered ashwagandha.  Want to boost your immune system?  Include powdered reishi mushroom and powdered astragulus.  Interested in getting a daily brain boost?  Mix in some powdered gotu kola.  You get the idea, right?

Sound good?  Are you excited?  You should be, because these are life changing…

The base of…

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