Emerson Ecologics Lunch n’ Learn and PaleoCleanse Plus Detoxification prize!

I know I am suppose to be on a short break, but I forgot to share you all this exciting new! One of my classmates, is a rep for Emerson Ecologics, a really popular and one of the top nutriceutical companies out there. She set a “Lunch n’ Learn” event, which is a way to promote supplements the company will be selling or for awareness purposes. She did something different this year. Instead of setting up a booth and talking about supplements and giving out free samples, she had three guest speakers present a powerpoint on the paleo and vegetarian diet. Both presentations were beautifully done! I am in love with both diets and I believe we all could benefit from being vegetarian once in awhile to clean out our systems. The paleo diet, is something I can truly commit to. Free food (Indian food below! It was amazing!) was offered and we had a ticket raffle drawing of three prizes at the end. One was a vitality health powder, another was vegetarian supplements, and the ULTIMATE prize was a Paleocleanse Plus Detoxification package. I was not expecting to win anything, but I did! I won the Paleoclease Plus package!! Yay! I always wanted to learn more about the paleo diet and hopefully commit my health to it. It was kinda rude that some people said I was less deserving of this package. Because I am skinny? Don’t be fooled. I am very toxic (we all are sometimes) and I always wanted to do paleo, so this prize is well deserved for me :)!

In the package,  you are given  detox protein powders and a pack of supplements to take twice a day for fourteen days with meals. You are given a packet that has a food list and tips on how to make the detoxification process easier for you. The protein powder is actually a nice berry taste and doesn’t taste chalky like the others! I have done this package for 4 days now, and I do notice a difference! I am less tired, I have more energy, I can think better, and I feel great overall. I am going to commit myself for these 14 days to this cleanse. I will keep you posted!! ❤ 😀

Featured image

Featured image

Cheers ❤


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