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Healing With Chocolate and Herbs

Amazing! Must try.
I have cacao and some herbs to make the perfect geisha energy cacao balls! ❤

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You can call them whatever you wish…  The amazing herbalist Emily Ruff refers to them as Ninja Balls; Mama herbalist Rosemary Gladstar named them Zoom Balls; you can call them medicine balls, energy balls, dreamy treats, etc…  No matter what their name, these delicious little snacks are the perfect way to treat your mind and body with medicinal herbs and superfoods on a daily basis.

A fresh batch of Ninja Balls

Here’s the thing about ninja balls… there is no standard recipe.  The herbs that you use will dependend on what you are looking for…  Want more energy?  Use powdered ashwagandha.  Want to boost your immune system?  Include powdered reishi mushroom and powdered astragulus.  Interested in getting a daily brain boost?  Mix in some powdered gotu kola.  You get the idea, right?

Sound good?  Are you excited?  You should be, because these are life changing…

The base of…

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Emerson Ecologics Lunch n’ Learn and PaleoCleanse Plus Detoxification prize!

I know I am suppose to be on a short break, but I forgot to share you all this exciting new! One of my classmates, is a rep for Emerson Ecologics, a really popular and one of the top nutriceutical companies out there. She set a “Lunch n’ Learn” event, which is a way to promote supplements the company will be selling or for awareness purposes. She did something different this year. Instead of setting up a booth and talking about supplements and giving out free samples, she had three guest speakers present a powerpoint on the paleo and vegetarian diet. Both presentations were beautifully done! I am in love with both diets and I believe we all could benefit from being vegetarian once in awhile to clean out our systems. The paleo diet, is something I can truly commit to. Free food (Indian food below! It was amazing!) was offered and we had a ticket raffle drawing of three prizes at the end. One was a vitality health powder, another was vegetarian supplements, and the ULTIMATE prize was a Paleocleanse Plus Detoxification package. I was not expecting to win anything, but I did! I won the Paleoclease Plus package!! Yay! I always wanted to learn more about the paleo diet and hopefully commit my health to it. It was kinda rude that some people said I was less deserving of this package. Because I am skinny? Don’t be fooled. I am very toxic (we all are sometimes) and I always wanted to do paleo, so this prize is well deserved for me :)!

In the package,  you are given  detox protein powders and a pack of supplements to take twice a day for fourteen days with meals. You are given a packet that has a food list and tips on how to make the detoxification process easier for you. The protein powder is actually a nice berry taste and doesn’t taste chalky like the others! I have done this package for 4 days now, and I do notice a difference! I am less tired, I have more energy, I can think better, and I feel great overall. I am going to commit myself for these 14 days to this cleanse. I will keep you posted!! ❤ 😀

Featured image

Featured image

Cheers ❤

STRESS and Homeopathy

Interesting read!

Homeopathy To Heal

Stress is a word we hear and use often in describing how we feel or what is happening in our lives. We say things like:

  • I feel stressed.
  • That was so stressful.
  • I need to get control over the stress in my life.
  • This stress will make me sick.
  • Stress will kill me.
  • Here is how to avoid stress.
  • How you can I be stress free?
  • You/this stress(es) me out!

These all sound as if stress is outside of us, as if it is its own entity doing something to us. And as long as we take care of this outside source of stress, we won’t have it anymore.

It is true that stress is outside of us. But it isn’t doing something to us. There will always be stress, because stress is living life – things happen.  Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, financial concerns, changes…

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