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I am going to drop off the face of the earth for a little bit. I have midterms, clinic entry exams, white coat ceremony, and boards coming up. I am a very busy lady! I am going to log off online, phone, and tv in general. I am married to my school now and cannot be distracted. I will write back soon. Stay warm and talk to you later! ❤ ❤ ❤

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How I REALLY Cured My Skin Problems Naturally!!

“The cure must proceed from centre to circumference. From centre to circumference is from above downward, from within outwards, from more important to less important organs, from the head to the hands and feet.” ~Hering’s Law

I am taking Homeopathy right now, and my professor told us about the above law. I believe it to be true because I have just witnessed it with my own skin! What really strikes me about this law, is the part “Healing comes from the inside-out (physically, like diet) and from within-outwards (this is talking about spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically deep within)”. I of course focused on other aspects of this law, but I MAINLY focused on those two above first because the imbalances presented in these aspects of my body, were the root cause to my problems. I had to step back and take a DEEP look at what was causing my breakouts and how I should fix it.

I use to not have problematic skin when I was younger. I would eat anything, sleep with makeup on, and never break out. Since I have grown older, I have started to break out like CRAZY! No matter what I do, I would break out. It was a very frustrating experience, especially since I want to impress the guys 😉 ! I have used top-notched guaranteed to clear your face acne creams and still broke out. I changed my diet and limited the amount of stress in my life. That helped a bit, but and I still was breaking out. Not as much, but I was. UNTIL, I have incorporated essential oils and herbs and made the following changes i in my life (***=Very important):

***LIMITED DRASTICALLY THE STRESS!! This has been the root cause for awhile. Even, incorporating and changing my facial cleansers overwhelmed and stressed my body. NOW, I pray, meditate, do yoga, and plan. I use simple facial cleansers such as Noxzema.

***STOPPED FEEDING MYSELF NEGATIVE NEWS and  limited my time in general online. All the drama that came with comparing my life with others and the negative energy embedded in these (a)social networks and news articles, really did a lot of damage to my health. It was when I freed myself from that burden, I saw a REAL change in my skin. I was stressed, depressed, impatient, bitter, and irritable. These negative emotions, destroyed my wall of defenses in my immune system and further weakening it. So, I was susceptible to disease and breaking out. Those breakouts were telling me what was wrong inside. With limited time being online, I focus on what’s important in my life, feel good about my life, and cater more to MY needs than to waste time and envy someone else’s life and cater to their needs all the time. They were not thinking about me. If I don’t think about myself, no one will. It was time to take care of me this time. I am going to live with myself for a long time, so might as well grow a personal relationship with myself and well-being! 🙂

***Cleaned my diet, for REAL! I was lying to myself when I said I had a “Good” diet. I slipped a lot of junk food from time to time and that came to an end. I now drink even more water, limited the coffee, ate more veggies, fruit, and left the supplements alone. I did the elimination diet, and figured out what supplements were not working for me. I use to take Echinacea pills, but that was doing more harm than good.  I’ve read that herb was bad to most people with Blood type O. It didn’t work for me.

-Used a quartz stone facial masssager to put the facial wash on and to massage my face in general to increase circulation. Using my oily hands to wash my face broke me out. I would exfoliate with a washcloth.

****I STEAMED MY FACE TWICE A WEEK with green tea, mint, thyme, cypress, and the essential oil brand called “Study Buddy”, that has eucalyptus, black pepper, rosemary, clove, and basil.

****I MADE SOME MANGO BUTTER (Using 100% natural and unrefined butter) LOTION INFUSED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS. I used sweet basil ( I ordered bergamot but I was sent sweet basil by accident. I was reading more on sweet basil and I think that would be more beneficial than bergamot), ylang ylang, lavender, frankincense, tea tree, Cyprus, and study buddy essential oil. This butter was not greasy, but very nourishing and gentle on my skin while being overwhelming and deadly to the acne causing bacteria. A lot of the facial moisturizers in stores were drying or greasy. This is just right! I will post a recipe later.

******Like anything, please consult a board certified naturopathic physician before trying these essential oils. Especially, if you have an ailment or are taking medication you want to be on the safe side!!*******

-Washed my makeup brush and pillowcases often.

-Used green oil blotting sheets and rinsed my face with green tea after I steamed my face. I followed with a mask.

As a lover of tea and herbs, I thought that trying out the many teas was breaking me out. I am so RELIEVED it wasn’t the problem! It was mainly the stress from Facebook, washing my face incorrectly, the wrong moisturizer and skin care products,  not being careful to touch my face with my dirty hands, not washing my makeup brushes and pillow cases, not drinking enough water, and and my diet.

This is a lot of steps, but this cured my problems!  Have you been breaking out or constantly been sick and you don’t know why? Do a deep intake on your life and see what you have or have not been doing that is causing the problem. When I sat down and wrote everything out and tested to see if what I was doing was the problem, it was then, I figured out what was causing my break out. Sometimes, we have to sit still, go to a quiet place and think a little. It maybe difficult in today’s society, were we are so busy and in a rush. But, I guaranteed you, taking sometime off to think and cater to your health is needed! This was my personal experience with skin care. I hope you can find the root cause to your problems too!

Cheers! ❤ ❤

Dear Perspective Naturopathic Medical Student: Still Deciding On Whether To Purse A Career In Naturopathic Medicine? Valuable Blog Entry Inside!

I have an awesome article to share. It is called “Destroying Myths About Naturopathic Medicine”. A lot of perspective students, fear whether the hard work and dedication committing four years plus a residency (if you’d like) is worth it. They would read all the negative articles online about how you cannot have a promising career in naturopathic medicine, the myths, and rumors about it. Well, have no fear. Those myths are not true! You sure can have a promising and successful career in naturopathic medicine! I use to worry all the time about whether going to school for naturopathic medicine was a huge mistake. I really wanted to apply, but the fear came it. I stopped worrying and applied. In fact, not having to worry about the possible doom and gloom of my career choice, has helped me to feel better about myself and my life.  The world has yet to end, despite all the negativity that is out there.  Many online stories that proclaim a false view on naturopathic medicine are rarely spot on.  In fact, I have preceptored and talked to many naturopathic doctors and realized that the stuff I read online was highly over-exaggerating.  News media exists to make money, and money is made by enticing viewers and readers to continue to view the negative. You rarely hear anything positive because it is “Boring”. Negativity sells. There are tons of naturopathic doctors enriching the lives of their patients, but the news will not report that. You just don’t hear about the positive in naturopathic medicine. It is out there.

When I visited my optometrist back in 2013 to order more glasses before I start naturopathic medical school.  She asked me, where I was going and pursuing? I said naturopathic medical school in Bridgeport Connecticut. He said, “Do naturopathic doctors make a lot of money? I had a friend who didn’t appear to be satisfied with his career”. First off, that was really unprofessional. I could have retaliated and asked if she made money ( I didn’t see her running her own business). But, I didn’t stoop to her level. I said, “Yes, they do. I have preceptored two who ran very successful businesses” (which is true. These naturopathic doctors had busy clinics, I almost couldn’t preceptor one because he didn’t have the time. But, he made room for me 🙂 ). You see, there are rumors and myths out there that we don’t make money. Don’t let that discourage you. Just because ONE out a zillion naturopathic doctors she knew did not make it, does not mean others didn’t. It’s based upon her own experience. Like I said, do not let that discourage you. Believe it or not, naturopathic doctors are becoming recognized more and more. When I tell strangers I am a naturopathic medical student (in grocery stores), they are like “WOW! Tell me when you open up! I like naturopathic medicine!”. I have met an herbalist who was dying to meet me (You know mothers, they brag about their kids. The herbalist is a huge fan of Dr. D’Adamo!).

So, there you have it. You have a lot of motivation to become a naturopathic doctor. I admit, I was fearful too at first. But, I logged off online, stopped constantly feeding myself negativity, and mustered up the courage to apply to naturopathic medical school. I don’t regret it. I would have regretted not going if I were to listen to people’s negativity. Life is too short for that and I am happy in my career.

The news media is not the only part of the internet that is depressing however.  There are many internet forums full of people who proclaim that everything that one wants to do is a bad idea (like going into naturopathic medical school).  Many people state that there is no sense on trying to achieve something because of how others have failed at it (kinda like how my optometrist was trying to tell me or my professor, who is a naturopathic doctor, said that naturopathic doctors cannot get rich).  However, very few of these sources explain why others have failed.  Many websites proclaim how horrific the economy is, how unemployment is so high, or how the college educated will never find jobs.  While these are serious concerns, reading about them and lamenting about them only leads to depression and apathy.  Do we really need to subject ourselves to that?

So, when you are considering a career in naturopathic medicine, PLEASE DO THIS:

Focus on the positive things that make you feel good about yourself and your life.  Focus on your family, religion, the people you love, helping others, being a good role model, and achieving your goals. Most importantly, focus on being the best future naturopathic doctor you can be!  There is a great amount that a person can accomplish in the time that they spend viewing negative information.  Setting yourself free from such a life is truly a way to make yourself feel better about the world around you.  I highly recommend taking some time and travel somewhere, away from the internet and even away from negative people.  Somewhere where you are free from the distractions and negativity of the world.

There are many places out there for you to enjoy. Spend a couple of nights camping with friends and family, whether it is in a cabin or tent, and turn the cell phones off.  Consider staying at a bed and breakfast without the tv, internet, and cell phone.  Plan a vacation to a quiet place.  Or, consider turning the computers and cell phone off for the day and do to a meditation, reiki, yoga, or acupuncture session.  It is sometimes hard to unplug from the internet, but it is a truly refreshing experience, believe me! Take that time to reflect on who you want to be (a naturopathic doctor) and what you want to spend your time doing (applying, getting accepting, planning the practice you want once graduating, what residency you want to go to, etc).  After a couple of days, see if you feel more refreshed. Think of it as a time to meditate, reflect on your life, and to feel better about yourself:  A chance to detox.  Many people honestly feel that there is no problem with being glued to the internet and the phone twenty four hours a day, but there are some who are starting to wonder if such a life is anywhere near the ideal. So, go out there and detox from the myths and negativity about naturopathic medicine.

The ones who succeed, are those that didn’t let myths stop them. They do not sit around and ponder on the negative, but get up and make the necessary steps to succeed. Faith without works is also dead. You can think positive all you want too. But, if you do not do the work, you will not succeed. I would not have been accepted to naturopathic medical school if I didn’t applied. I could be positive all I want, but if I don’t take the steps in order to be accepted, I would never become a naturopathic medical student. Think postive and apply to naturopathic medical school! You only live once and don’t regret the decision of not applying in the future. You know you want to be a naturopathic doctor, so do it :)! Believe your career as a naturopathic doctor will be successful. You will make the steps to do so and everything you do will work!  What you believe, is what you receive. If you believe in negative and not have a successful career as a naturopathic doctor, you will have that because you will not take the required steps to becoming a successful naturopathic doctor.  You will take the steps not to succeed instead! Your beliefs determine your actions. Go out and succeed now! 🙂

Cheers! ❤

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