DIY Herbal Steam Facials, Toners, Facial Masks, & Moisturizers

Want some excellent natural facial and sauna ideas for skin? Read on!


Your face is the most exposed part of your body, from daily car exhaust, air pollution and other environmental airborne toxins. We need to cleanse and detox our pours to regain that fresh glowing luster we all had in our youth. Let’s face it… if your not in your twenties, we all can use a little natural TLC on our skin. I use to purchase top of the line all natural herbal/organic skin care products, but when things are a little tight, you tend to drop the luxuries and go for what is necessary in life. Actually, we don’t have to by making your own health & beauty products and skin care treatments yourself at home. If you been treating yourself good on the inside, do the same on the outside.

 Here are two options for facial steam treatments:

1. purchase a low cost facial steamer – take your herbs and make…

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