Medical Mission Trip: Guatemala!


I am very excited to learn about this amazing trip that’s being promoted at my medical school. A medical mission trip to Guatemala, organized by the NMGH (Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health)! It’s best that students were to go in their 3rd or 4rth year. You would have enough clinical knowledge and have passed the NPLEX 1 and clinic entry exams. But, as a 2nd and 1st year, it is a nice time to save, practice medical Spanish, and help organize the trip for next winter!

Going on this trip, will allow you to gain invaluable experience into treating and learning a wide spectrum of diseases. You will establish extended relationships with patients, deliver skillful care to diverse populations, and understand the underlying cause of disease. You may have the possibility of setting up a non-profit organization in the future, where you can create internships for naturopathic medical students and allow them to travel abroad to provide medical services and nutritional education to underserved communities. A nice way to promote naturopathic medicine to the fullest extent possible. This trip can open more doors for you! Plus, you are rewarded preceptorship hours.

I am looking forward to this trip. I have been to one meeting, but haven’t had time to attend the last meetings last year. I am really committed to going in order to get the inside scoop of this exciting trip!


❤ ❤ ❤


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