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DIY Herbal Steam Facials, Toners, Facial Masks, & Moisturizers

Want some excellent natural facial and sauna ideas for skin? Read on!


Your face is the most exposed part of your body, from daily car exhaust, air pollution and other environmental airborne toxins. We need to cleanse and detox our pours to regain that fresh glowing luster we all had in our youth. Let’s face it… if your not in your twenties, we all can use a little natural TLC on our skin. I use to purchase top of the line all natural herbal/organic skin care products, but when things are a little tight, you tend to drop the luxuries and go for what is necessary in life. Actually, we don’t have to by making your own health & beauty products and skin care treatments yourself at home. If you been treating yourself good on the inside, do the same on the outside.

 Here are two options for facial steam treatments:

1. purchase a low cost facial steamer – take your herbs and make…

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Botanical Medicine II and Fun with Herbs!

Botanical Medicine II class. All I can say is, awesome! I am going to enjoy this class. We have a new teacher, who really gets us involved. Botanical Medicine I, you are learning about the herbs, their properties, constituents,  and evidence-based aspects of the herb found in literature. We have an herb garden, and we were suppose to take a tour but never had the time. This year, we are learning formulas with particular cases. A 4-year-old boy has a sore throat and weighs 38lbs. How would you make a tincture? How many days should he take it? What about an oil if he has otitis media? Inhalation for allergy and sinus congestion? What do you have to make sure before making these remedies? So much fun! She gave us some tips on the calculations, what to look for, and how to make a formula the easy way. She also has brought in herbs and essential oils to share a long with providing NPLEX II tips. Enjoy the pics below. Cheers!

  Featured image

Featured image

Featured image

Featured image

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My Favorite Residency Interview Questions

If you are planning to apply for residency program in the future, now is the time to checkout the sites, write a rough-draft essay, make your application stand out, and practice, practice, practice, the residency interview questions! The interview is always important. Stick out! 🙂

Do Teachers Encourage… Or Discourage?

Very interesting. Today, one of the naturopathic professors in my class told us “You cannot become a rich as a naturopath”. Wow, how dare he! As a teacher, it is your job to encourage, teach, and motivate. I will be reporting him. IF you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything at all. He doesn’t know what the future will bring for us. Just because HE was never rich, does not mean you cannot become rich and successful. Continue to succeed and work hard! Naturopathic doctors can make it! 🙂

Sir Patrick Of Ireland

The career of a teacher is one of the most well known in the world. From an early age, we all know what a teacher does, why they do it, and as we get older, we’re told that it’s a secure job – one that has high pay, good holidays and is also considered easy.

However in society we constantly underestimate the role of a teacher. We forget that a teacher doesn’t waltz into school, sing the alphabet to infants, and walk out again later on that day. A teacher has to work hard to impart knowledge, and it’s certainly not something that everyone can do. The reality is that they spend half of their personal lives thinking about school, their pupils, and planning lessons and researching new teaching methods. At least, that’s what a good teacher does.

So what’s the difference between a good and a bad teacher? A…

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Medical Mission Trip: Guatemala!


I am very excited to learn about this amazing trip that’s being promoted at my medical school. A medical mission trip to Guatemala, organized by the NMGH (Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health)! It’s best that students were to go in their 3rd or 4rth year. You would have enough clinical knowledge and have passed the NPLEX 1 and clinic entry exams. But, as a 2nd and 1st year, it is a nice time to save, practice medical Spanish, and help organize the trip for next winter!

Going on this trip, will allow you to gain invaluable experience into treating and learning a wide spectrum of diseases. You will establish extended relationships with patients, deliver skillful care to diverse populations, and understand the underlying cause of disease. You may have the possibility of setting up a non-profit organization in the future, where you can create internships for naturopathic medical students and allow them to travel abroad to provide medical services and nutritional education to underserved communities. A nice way to promote naturopathic medicine to the fullest extent possible. This trip can open more doors for you! Plus, you are rewarded preceptorship hours.

I am looking forward to this trip. I have been to one meeting, but haven’t had time to attend the last meetings last year. I am really committed to going in order to get the inside scoop of this exciting trip!


❤ ❤ ❤

Naturopathic New Year’s Resolutions!! Whoo, 2015!

The image here, is my favorite recipe of Rosemary Lemonade with Fermented Garlic-Lemon-Ginger Honey. Too addicting and refreshing for a detox! Recipe soon!

Anyways, happy 2015!! WHOOOOO! Last year, went by sooo fast! It feels just like yesterday I was accepted into naturopathic medical school. I am making some serious goals for 2015, such as planning a serious detox schedule before school starts, wearing my hair natural, changing my wardrobe, continue to succeed in school, save up for the Guatemala trip (post coming soon!), and make time to perform some mind-body exercises. My mind-body exercises consist of: Prayer, reading my Bible, reiki (I was just certifiied as a level 1 reiki practitioner!), meditation, watching anime, studying Japanese, knitting, cooking, gardening, reading with relaxing soft music, driving around a country road, and tea drinking.  These things make me relax and live a stress-free life. My heart warms with joy and I forget my troubles when doing these. It’s amazing how I feel after I have completed my exercises.

As for the detox. I have slowly started my detox by drinking healthy smoothies, tea, infused-water, eating salads, and reduced my coffee and sugar intake. Then, during the course of the week, drink liquids. You can make a detox schedule anyway and as long as you feel comfortable. I am also, going to have a huge detox from Facebook. I have found myself to be highly addicted and spend a lot of time on Facebook, or online in general. I will use online only to study. I want to invest a lot of my time for the spring semester and I have to take my clinic entry exams and perform well on my boards. Staying offline, also prevents me from reading the negative news. I am very strict on what I put into my mindset, so I haven’t read or watched the news in years (besides looking at the weather). You will be surprised how free you feel. It’s fine to be aware on what’s going on in the world. However, I have a problem with constantly meditating on the problems in the world. Too much of that can have a negative impact on your perception in the world. So, I am making a lot of sacrifices.

Most importantly, I am wearing more pink!! I am wearing more happy and uplifting colors. I usually wear tons of black and dark colors, making me depressed! I have ordered tons of purses, jewelry, scarves, and hats that are pink for now. Very excited!

When it comes to my hair, I am going to start wearing it natural. I have cut my hair and started all over. I have made a nice conditioner that’s very helpful for my hair. Also, I am using my own hair oil that works well with my hair as well!  These will help my hair grow and make it less time for me to do my hair since it is naturally curly and can be difficult to manage at times.

So, I am going to detox to cleanse my physical body, perform mind-body exercises to balance my psychological and emotional health, change my style, and wear my natural hair. I am excited for these fun changes in my life. What are yours?