Natural Hair Care Oil: Krystal’s Blend in the Works!

Hair Oil

As a future Naturopathic Practitioner and Biochemist, I want to provide my future patients and clients the most high quality care and products, using my knowledge and skill-sets provided from my education and experience. I love making my own line of natural hair care and skin products. I decided for my future business as a naturopathic doctor, I will be making my own line of essential oils, hair care products, and much more. For now, I have made a special oil called “Krystal’s Blend”. I have made olive oil, thyme oil, basil oil, and grapeseed oil and used them as carriers. I’ve used Texas cedarwood, rosemary, lavendar, ylang ylang, and clary sage. I am so excited! This is a clinical trial for now. I used it on my hair and a couple of friends and they loved it! They cannot get enough of this oil and are upset when I run out. I am in the business! Super excited! It is very important as a naturopathic doctor to get a niche. Be different. Well, I have found mines with this oil and various of other products in the making!!!



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