Second-Year, First Semester Completed! Now, NPLEX I Review and Residency Considerations!

Merry Christmas! It seemed like only yesterday, I was accepted to medical school. The years are flying by and instead of relaxing fully this winter, I am going to start studying for the NPLEX I, look for residencies I am interested in, and review for my clinic entry exams. I have a busy month, yay! 🙂

We have a resident from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, who is teaching some of our clinic classes this and next semester and giving us our clinic entry exam. She is very sweet and resourceful! She is required to offer NPLEX I review for us. I am looking forward to that next semester! Also, I’ve asked her if I could meet with her so we can talk about how I can become a good matching candidate for residency. She was excited to do so. So, if you happen to have a resident in your school you are aware of and want to review the NPLEX and learn about residency, then UTILIZE THEM TO THE FULLEST! This is an excellent opportunity for you to get the inside scoop of it all. As naturopathic medical students and naturopathic medicine as a whole, we don’t have a lot of resources like our counterparts, the conventional medical students do when it comes to studying for the NPLEX and residency. Maybe, because we don’t have to take the NPLEX and apply for residency? I don’t know.  Their resources are consistent and ours is all over the place. Some students are using the USMLE to study for boards, others are using the NABE review books, and I know a few who are doing both PLUS additional review resources. It is an individual thing, which is not good at all considering we are all taking the same test. Different sources, same test is not comsistent. I hope it gets better. I have heard the USMLE was the best, but we will see. I am using the USMLE (My sister is an MD, so she gave me her books and CDs), Kaplan review, and NPLEX board questions. Anyways, I want to pass the NPLEX I and II and apply for residency, so I can practice in a licensed state and have extra tools when I am done. I will keep you posted!



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