Stay in School Forever to Avoid Student Loan Payments? You Sure About That?

Makes you think. Me personally, I love school. However, not enough to stay there forever! 🙂

"This is why you're broke!"


Just a few of the reasons why the person who thinks they’re so smart they’re going to stay enrolled in school forever to avoid paying student loans, is really the dumbest person you’ve ever met:

1. No private loans. If your situation is that dire but all you have is federal loans, all you have to do is find a public service program and pay the minimum for 10 years (depending on your plan choice) and the entire remaining balance is “forgiven.”

Oh you don’t have enough money to pay the minimum $300/month in the 10 year plan on your $67k balance?

So you’re going to spend 20/hours a week (80 hours a month) in school racking up more debt, to avoid paying $300/month?

20 hours a week you could have been working part time somewhere bringing in at least $500/month after taxes?

$500/month with no additional debt or interest…

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