How I Managed to Pass NPLEX 1: One Woman’s Success Story and Practical Tips

I am taking my NPLEX 1 next August. Wish me luck! 🙂

Art & Practice

Found this image on, credited to Nora. Found this image on, credited to Nora.

Congratulations on another completed academic year! Not to rain on everyone’s parade but, for many of you, there is a giant basic sciences board exam looming in the not-so distant future. So, there are websites out there on tips for studying for NPLEX 1, but they are annoyingly vague. I remember looking at said sites, and felt like grabbing whoever put the sites together, taking them by the shoulders and giving them a good shake yelling, “just tell me what to do!” I’m going to try to deliver that. But, I can’t offer any guarantees. Every year, NPLEX is different, with a different random focus. Some years it’s crazy hard, some years CCNM students do really well, other years the questions seem to be obsessed with biochemistry. I can only be candid about my own study strategy and what worked for me…

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