preserving shiso

I have some shiso leaves that need preserving!

Tess's Japanese Kitchen

This summer I haven’t used the shiso from my garden nearly enough. What was I saving it for?
One doesn’t need complicated recipes, shiso is the catalyst that makes even the simplest dish dance. Summer tomatoes love umeboshi, and shiso makes the music—
see my recipe for shiso spaghetti.
Now is one last chance to take advantage of my shiso—probably preserved leaves will be pale memory of itself, but in grey winter, it could seem magic.
save:preserve, reserve for personal or special use, horde, stash, cache, lay away, squirrel away, retain possession, keep

carry through, bring through, save from disaster
salvage, salve, relieve, save from ruin or harm,
savior, rescuer, deliverer,
redeem save from sin

record, enter, write down, set down in permanent form, record data, a computer command, a memory, a photo

keep open hold open: save this seat for me, reserve (reservation), hold, book


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