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Well Beginnings Diapers Review!


I received another freebie package from the Moms Meet program. It was a raining day outside! I walked to my car to check for something and I saw this huge box near my door. It was soaked and wet, but thankfully, the diapers had a plastic wrap covering that prevent them from being destroyed. So, I opened up the box and behold! A box with baby wash, diapers, wet wipes, and coupons galore! The individual diapers had a little traveler’s pack of wet wipes. Which I thought was cute so you wouldn’t have to carry to larger pack of wipes.  Anyways, the next day I distributed the packaged diapers, wipes, and squeezed some samples of the soap in sauce cups for everyone to take home.  I received phone calls on how the diapers held in the wetness very well and the smell was limited. Their children (who are toddlers) appear to feel very comfortable wearing this brand of diapers and didn’t experience any tightness from the size or any irritation. As for the soap and wipe ups, I was told by the mothers, the wipes were able to clean any messes on their children’s face without problems and were big enough to wipe and clean the tushies with ease.  The wipes made the skin super soft and smelling so fresh and clean! Same with the soap. It is hypoallergenic so it didn’t irritate their children’s eyes, while at the same time, did get the job done. I highly recommend this brand. I have heard so many good reviews plus, the coupons for the baby formula was a huge deal! So, if you are a new mommy and want to try something safe, organic,  and gentle for your baby, this is the brand for you! 🙂 🙂








I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetsSM blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.


How I Managed to Pass NPLEX 1: One Woman’s Success Story and Practical Tips

I am taking my NPLEX 1 next August. Wish me luck! 🙂

Art & Practice

Found this image on, credited to Nora. Found this image on, credited to Nora.

Congratulations on another completed academic year! Not to rain on everyone’s parade but, for many of you, there is a giant basic sciences board exam looming in the not-so distant future. So, there are websites out there on tips for studying for NPLEX 1, but they are annoyingly vague. I remember looking at said sites, and felt like grabbing whoever put the sites together, taking them by the shoulders and giving them a good shake yelling, “just tell me what to do!” I’m going to try to deliver that. But, I can’t offer any guarantees. Every year, NPLEX is different, with a different random focus. Some years it’s crazy hard, some years CCNM students do really well, other years the questions seem to be obsessed with biochemistry. I can only be candid about my own study strategy and what worked for me…

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preserving shiso

I have some shiso leaves that need preserving!

Tess's Japanese Kitchen

This summer I haven’t used the shiso from my garden nearly enough. What was I saving it for?
One doesn’t need complicated recipes, shiso is the catalyst that makes even the simplest dish dance. Summer tomatoes love umeboshi, and shiso makes the music—
see my recipe for shiso spaghetti.
Now is one last chance to take advantage of my shiso—probably preserved leaves will be pale memory of itself, but in grey winter, it could seem magic.
save:preserve, reserve for personal or special use, horde, stash, cache, lay away, squirrel away, retain possession, keep

carry through, bring through, save from disaster
salvage, salve, relieve, save from ruin or harm,
savior, rescuer, deliverer,
redeem save from sin

record, enter, write down, set down in permanent form, record data, a computer command, a memory, a photo

keep open hold open: save this seat for me, reserve (reservation), hold, book


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University of Bridgeport Interview Part II: ACCEPTED!!

On the day of the interview, I packed up my questions, put on my beautiful suit, glossed my makeup on really nice, and straightened my hair. My sister said that she will pray for me and me and my mom hopped into the car off to Bridgeport. This is it! I was extremely excited to go to the interview of the career of my dreams. At this point, doubt started to overcome me a little bit. The phrases “When if I don’t get in?” and “What would I do if I don’t get in?” started to race in my head. Right now, I am a Biochemist in upstate Ny. The job market up there was really dry and the remaining lab tech jobs were so competitive. I always wanted to be a doctor. Before I applied to ND school, I wanted to go into conventional medical school, but possibly go back and do a fellowship in herbal medicine, integrative medicine, nutrition, etc. I was thinking about getting a degree in Chinese medicine or Ayuverda after. The thought pretty much exhaust me, because I wanted to go into conventional but I also wanted to incorporate natural remedies as well. I didn’t really want to keep going back to school and also, I didn’t feel that one form of alternative modality, is fitting for everyone. When if my patients don’t benefit from Ayuverda, but from changing their diet and adding homeopathy? So many things have came into mind when determining what I wanted to do forever. 

Anyways, back to the interview. As we came close to the campus, it was not the most pleasant site. My mom and I were thinking “What have we gotten ourselves into?” So, there was limited parking so my mom dropped me off at the library. I went up to the 6th floor, told the secretary I was there for an interview and she pointed me to sit down on the cozy chairs. Later, two girls and a guy came in for the interview. We all introduced ourselves and talked a little bit about our lives. One of the admissions counselor came in. She was petite, nice, short hair, wearing a red dress, and black stockings. She told us to relax, the interview is pretty laid back, and enjoy some tea and coffee as we wait to be called into the interviewing process. 

We all were called in as a group to go into the conference room. There, I have met the Dean, one ND professor, one science professor, and the admissions counselor. The dean gave us a pep talk about the program, the perks of going to ND school at Bridgeport, the campus, the interviewing process, and ND as a career. I don’t recall all of what everyone said, but it was very exciting and encouraging. So, we had a form in our folders that told us who we will be interviewed by. We had two people to interview us! Very different, but scary. We all had to divide into the people we are to be interviewed by. My first interviewer was a male, probably in his late 40’s early 50’s. He is one of the basic science professors. He will be teaching us embryology, anatomy, and neuroscience, He was very nice and laid…..VERY laid back, Lol! So, my questions that he asked me where:

1. The program is very rigorous. Do you feel that your classes have prepared you for this program?

2. Can you please talk more about your research experience.

3. Why did you choose to pursue a degree in naturopathic medicine as compared to conventional medical school?

4. Can you explain more about your past jobs?

5. Why did you pursue a Biochemistry degree?

6. When did you first hear about naturopathic medicine? Can you tell me about it?

7. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to studying (hate these kind of questions!) and what can you do to improve your weaknesses?

8. What extracurricular activities did you feel prepared you for medical school

9. More and more MD/DO practitioners are getting into the naturopathic realm. Are you ready to fight? 🙂 (He gave a weird smile)

10. Tell me more about yourself

12. Why did you choose Bridgeport as compared to the other schools?

13. Any questions you have for me?

The questions were not that bad at all! Nothing very complicated. I was asked the same questions by the second interviewer. Maybe two or three different which were “Would you be interested in joining clubs and organizations?” “Do you plan to participate in research when you graduate?” and that was it. 

After everyone was done with their interviews, we took a tour around campus. Not bad at all, you can say I had a blast at the interview. After the interview, I  stayed the night at my sisters then went home the next day. I received a call two days later from the admissions counselor that I was accepted. Whoooo!!! Class of 2017!! 😀


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Blood Nourishing Tonic- East meets West

Gotta try!

Celebrating Gaia's Herbal Gifts

IMG_3114 Anemia and Blood Nourishing Tonic

Blood is a vital substance according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In fact in The Book of Leviticus it states, “the life of a creature is in the blood”. In Western medicine, blood is defined as a bodily fluid that delivers necessary substances, such as nutrients and oxygen, to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “blood” dates to the oldest English, circa 1000 AD. The word is derived from Middle English, which is derived from the Old English word blôd. Throughout history and cultures, blood has held both medical and mystical importance. In the Greek and Roman Humoural system, blood was associated with air, springtime and a sanguine personality. They believed it to be produced by the liver. Blood became the basis for one of the oldest medical techniques “bloodletting”. In fact an…

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