Acupuncture Program: I changed my mind!



Hello everyone!

I am writing this post because, you guessed it. I no longer want to be enrolled in the Acupuncture program. Thank God I decided to quit before I started! I rather just stay in the naturopathic program and attend conferences, on-site or off-site training, webinars, buy books, and all other ways to add on to my practice. It’s cheaper and I am likely to utilize these tools more than acupuncture so I will not be wasting my time and money. So, I’ve sent my form over to the dean and I am out. Why the change of heart? Well, for four reasons:


1. I have pondered on the advice given to me by one of the naturopathic professors before she left to Washington. She told us to think about our practice now, even though we are not practicing but studying. Plan for the future! So, I took a lot of time this summer to do so. I have envisioned what type of residency I want to apply to, where I want to live and settle my practice, what modalities I wish to utilize, and what specialties I want to do. Acupuncture is not in it for me to do. I will be happy to refer my patients if needed. I have befriended some excellent acupuncturist in Connecticut.

2. The financial burden. Grants can go so far. I don’t have the money to cough up $2,000 out of pocket each semester. I have bills to pay, traveling expenses, and need that money for conferences and training! I rather use that money on modalities I find relevant to my practice, than to pay for a masters I know for a fact I am not going to utilize.

3. I am no longer interested and am enrolling for the wrong reasons. I had to attend a two-day orientation before I started my journey into naturopathic medical school. Two acupuncture professors came in to talk to us about the program. One naturopath, was talking up the program and how if it wasn’t for her acupuncture license, she would not have made as much money as a nauropath. Five students enrolled into the acupuncture program that day. I decided to wait and think about it more. Two people now regret getting involved. After the first year, you are at the point of no return because you already paid for those classes. You might as well finish. I wanted to get an acupuncture license out of fear. Fear, that I would not make any money as a naturopath. The more I’ve shadowed naturopaths in unlicensed and licensed states without an acupuncture license, the more I have seen them making tons of money. Their businesses were booming and packed with patients. They were always busy! So, just because she did not make money as a naturopath, does not mean I won’t. I already regret getting degrees in the past out of fear and the belief I will not make money. I am not going to listen to what other people think I should do in order to succeed. I was not pressured into naturopathic medicine. It is a passion and something I wanted to do so I have no ill-feelings or regrets about it. Acupuncture, I did. I should have consulted God at the time. I did this summer and he showed me that acupuncture was not for me. I am am glad I listened this time around. Whew! I am not making that same mistake twice. Enroll because you want to, not because the advisor told you to in order to get a good income in naturopathic medicine. That is not true! You will not be happy and severely regret it! Again, I have shadowed very successful and busy naturopathic doctors. They were making their money and they are not even acupuncturist!  Also, I wanted to learn more about Asian herbs and I heard that the program really doesn’t go in depth and isn’t as exciting. So, why pay extra money just to study Asian herbs, while I can take classes on only that or buy books and teach myself? Studying herbs takes years and so many herbalist are self-taught.

4. Looking at the advisor and all the negativity she has spewed on me while I was signing up, left an awful taste in my mouth. I cannot be with her for three more years. The naturopathic advisors are more friendly, positive, and love their jobs! I didn’t get that vibe from her and she is a naturopathic too. But, you can tell she valued acupuncture more. Which is fine. I believe, her not making money in naturopathic medicine says a lot about her and not the program itself. Like I said twice before, I have shadowed very successful naturopathic doctors, without needing to enroll in an acupuncturist program.

5. Most importantly, A LOT of naturopathic students I know are doing it. I will just leave this  here.

I am soooo glad I am out of that program! I am relieved and don’t have to worry about that anymore. Also, I could not imagine taking two sets of boards, one for naturopathic medicine and acupuncture! I have zero interest in acupuncture. However, if you want to incorporate this into your naturopathic practice one day and have an interest in acupuncture, then, I will not discourage you to enroll. Do it! Do what is best for you and your practice! 🙂

Cheers 🙂


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