Naturopathic Medical School Interview, Part I



It was a cold and snowy February afternoon. My mom and I, were driving to Long Island to stay with my sister’s for my interview at Bridgeport. I was bored and decided to check my work email on my phone. To my surprise, my interview has been CANCELED due to the Nemo storm. I emailed the admissions counselor back to reschedule my appointment for March. It was somewhat disappointing, considering my supervisor made it very difficult for me to take off because we had a huge project that needed to be done. But, everything was changing for the worse at my job and I believe, to this day, God was trying to move me out of there to pursue my passion. So, I used these vacation days to chill at my sister’s house and practice the interview.

The week came were I had to drive down once again to Long Island to stay with my sister’s. Thankfully, I didn’t have to pay for a hotel and my sister did not live that far from CT. That Thursday, my Great Uncle passed away. It was a very devastating. I loved my Great Uncle dearly and he will be missed greatly. But, he was sick for quite sometime and I rather have him be at peace than to suffer. My Great Grandmother  also passed away the following Thursday at the same time! It was a very sad month. They both will be missed!

That Sunday, I have emailed my supervisor that I won’t be in Monday or Tuesday because I had to attend my great-grandmothers and great-uncle’s funerals. I didn’t tell her about my interview because I didn’t want to risk getting fired. It very unexpected because we thought the funerals would be later. I couldn’t reach her by phone so I emailed. Also, my interview was that week so I had to take time off for that and the funerals when I get back. So, I packed my suit, interview questions, and me and my mom drove to my sister’s house to stay the night in Long Island. It was an interesting and very scary experience because, there are not a lot of websites out there where students talk about their interview when applying to naturopathic medical school. I didn’t know what to expect! So, I’ve looked over every possible question I could find, even the MD and DO blogs I just replace ND information and issues. I’ve brought the kindle “The Best Book on Naturopathy”, which was $5 at the time. It was a little helpful, because the student attended University of Bridgeport. But, the interview process was not enough and it is different for everyone. I mean, when it came to me interviewing for a MD school, it was kinda easy but then again it wasn’t. You can find possible questions but it’s still difficult to explain bad grades, MCAT, opinions on issues, etc if any. Naturopathic Medical School, same deal. But, it was hard to find possible questions, but easy to explain grades, they did not require an MCAT, and they really look at you as a WHOLE applicant. It’s still competitive, it’s just their selection process is WAY different which I will explain later. I can’t really speak for the rest of the Naturopathic Medical Schools, but only for University of Bridgeport.






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