Finished My First Year Of Naturopathic Medical School!! Whoop!


It was a very challenging year. I am very proud of myself! I use to lack self-confidence and believed I could not do something as challenging as medical school. But, I did it! I am learning more and more about myself and I am loving it! I started crying when I was done and completed the year with a high GPA. I had an idea that naturopathic medical school would be challenging, but not this challenging! I have lost some class mates and upperclassmen. I have met a lot of cool people in addition. Even though, it was a joyous year, it was sad too. 😦

We have to take the same basic sciences as in conventional medical schools and the course load was a lot! We had to take basic sciences and on top of that, complete projects, take research classes, and take naturopathic classes. Even though it was challenging, but I love it! I love a challenge and I am glad I decided to pursue a career in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture ( Yes, I was just accepted into the program too! So, I am dual-degree chick 😉 ). I do not regret my decision and I am very excited for my life and career.

For now, I am relaxing and traveling this summer. I decided to deactivate my Facebook because I do not want to waste my summer in front of the computer like that. Plus, I will admit, I will get kinda jealous looking at my friends travel to France, England, Japan, etc this summer. I am happy for them and I too will travel across the globe one day. But, looking at it constantly will make me a little down.  I plan to continue on learning my Japanese, travel and spend time with the fam and my dog, catch up on my J-dramas and anime, do yoga, pilates, meditation, renew my mind, read my Bible more, preceptor an MD and ND,  make some tincture, have fun with my herbs and invent healthier dishes, and just live a holistic and fun life this summer. I am saving so I can buy a better car and get an apartment in CT. I have tons to focus on and it’s very exciting!

Until then! 🙂 🙂



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