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Green Allopathy

Simple Medicine

When a patient enters the teaching clinic with an acute presentation, the natural reaction of student clinicians is to think of a remedy that will palliate the symptoms they are experiencing. We want our patients to feel better, and we certainly do not want them to suffer.

Recently I’ve become more aware of how this method of treating the symptoms rather than treating the cause is so fundamentally different from what I have been taught in school. In certain situations, it is very appropriate to prescribe something that will give the patient immediate relief. But is it always the right thing to do? The example I am thinking of is treating Springtime allergies. Patients come to see their Physicians wanting some form of relief for itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose or postnasal drip. It’s natural to say try this tea, tincture or supplement to help you feel better.

This approach…

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When It Might Be Right to Step Down

Interesting read.

Patricia Knight

There are several reasons that you make a decision to take on a new leadership role:  to challenge yourself, to make a difference, or to reach a career goal. However, whatever your reason, not every promotion turns out to be the best career move or worse is a good fit.  In those situations, you have to decide whether stepping down is the best solution. I understand this is not an easy decision as it can present potential career and professional repercussions. However, staying in a new leadership role that is not a good match clearly does not bode well either.

The decision to step down should be based on abilities and career goals.  Yet many managers let emotional factors such as pride, greed, or fear of not getting another promotion affect their judgment and stop them from doing the best thing for their careers and their reputation.  Here are some…

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