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First Semester of Medical School: Completed Successfully!


Howdy! It has been a very long and tough first semester. I took 12 classes. I know, 12 grueling agonizing 12 classes!  But, it’s okay because I rather take a million classes then go back to the career I use to be in.

Anyways, the classes I took were: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochem, Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine, Research and Methods, Phytopharmacognosy, Oriental Medicine I and II, Histology, Microbiology, Intro to Patient Care, and Embryology.  I got seven A’s, four B’s (one B+) and an “S”, which is pretty lame because I thought that class was a real letter course. “S” stands for satisfactory. *Sigh* I wish it were real, oh well. Next semester, I am going to strive to get all A’s. I had no C’s! Which is great because I really want to keep up my excellent GPA and board scores so I can apply for residencies, especially Cancer Centers Treatment of America. I am very proud of myself because there are people who thought I would not last a semester in medical school. I did awesome! I knew I can do it and I am glad.

Now, I am relaxing and getting ready for the next semester. At least, I know what to expect next semester. My schedule is a little worse and I am taking one more class so that makes 13 classes! XD lol

Until then, cheers~ 🙂